Engineering and Detailing

REA's core competence lies in the fields of civil and structural engineering and we seek constant improvement in these fields. We aim to be at the forefront of these disciplines and are constantly looking to improve our design and delivery systems.
At the heart of our systems is advanced 3D multi-material modelling design and visualisation software, allowing us to evaluate and review options and optimise designs with our clients. We use a single model approach throughout the project, which means that the same physical model is used for our fabrication drawings, creating efficiencies and minimising errors and ensuring a good fit during construction.
Our services include:
Civil Engineering

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Detailed earthworks
  • Access roads
  • Service ducts
  • Ground engineering
  • Rotating and reciprocating machinery foundations
  • Piled foundations
  • Retaining structures
  • Drainage basins
  • Accommodation villages

Structural Engineering

  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis 
  • Modular design
  • Capacity assessment
  • Design strengthening
  • Design verification
  • Corrosion management plans

Construction Engineering

  • Lifting studies
  • Road and sea transportation studies
  • Lifting frames
  • Temporary works
  • Capacity of structures with construction loads
  • Construction sequence analysis
  • Constructability analysis

Structural Detailing

  • Marking plans
  • Detailed fabrication drawings
  • Material lists
  • CNC and manufacturing data